Thanks to the acquired information and broad experience of our team, we offer consultancy and assistance services during the entire period of project implementation at the highest standards, in accordance with the EU politics regarding the accessing of structural and cohesion funds. In this respect PDC sustains and supports:

  • The development and improvement of the business environment, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit both in the city and especially in the rural environment;
  • The improvement of the environmental quality, permanently taking into account the principles of sustainable development, as well as the use of renewables;
  • The development of infrastructure in transportation and social services.

The aim of PDC


is to guarantee the success of its clients through innovative ideas and viable projects, playing an important role in sustaining the business environment, in this way dealing with a high degree of competitivity on the national market and also on the international one.

PDC acquired a broad experience in creating and elaborating complex and reliable solutions, in offering assistance for the implementation and supervision of projects, in enhancing the administrative power in relation to the management authorities and intermediate entities (or subcontractors).



ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001